Mius is a circus mouse and main character in two children’s books: ‘Mius on stilts’ and ‘Mius with claxons and bells’. This project wants to support the Palestinian Circus School, regardless of any political beliefs, because the school makes the Palestinian children laugh, hope and love life. They find a safe haven away from the violence in the street and can increase their self-esteem and get the opportunity to dream.

The books are only available in Dutch


Mius on stilts

Mius is a super circus mouse who has to put up with the harassment of Cat, Owl and Fox. When Cat comes up with an incredibly sly plan, tensions rise! But is Cat really happy with the result?

This picture book is a musical story narrated by Dimitri Leue, Warre Borgmans and Pieter Embrechts about jealousy, tolerance, endurance and reconciliation.

The students of the third grade of Visual Arts and the sixth grade of Applied Graphical Arts of the KSO department of the Wijnpers Leuven worked on the illustrations under the supervision of Dirk Boulanger, Nel De Wever and Joeri Minnaert. The songs were sung by the second grade of General Musical Education of the music academy of the city of Leuven, coached by Ingeborg Vermoesen.


Mius with klaxons and bells

Mius is a small mouse who tries to avoid the dangers of Cat, Owl and Fox every day. When dad and mom mouse decide to keep their kids in the house, he is struck by boredom. But Mius refuses to accept this … ‘Mius’ talks about conquering dangers, endurance, working together and reconciliation. 

The story is illustrated by the children of elementary school ‘De Zilverlinde’ under the supervision of graphic artist Dirk Boulanger. The children also sang the songs for the CD.

Mius is narrated by Dimitri Leue.

More information

‘Mius’ is offered to you as a bound book with hard cover (A4 size) and a CD for the price of €25.

If you are interested or think Mius might make a great gift friends or family, you can order the book through or the bookstore.

Poppies for peace

'Poppies for Peace' is an organization working with volunteers who carry on the peace project of ceramist Anita Huybens (1949 - 2008).

The volunteers make ceramic poppies and sell them. An important part of their commitment is to also sensitize people to the issues of war, violence and mutilation.

The poppy refers to those who were killed in action during the first world war. A field of ceramic poppies set up during an event is thus not only an artistic project, but also a powerful symbol for the protest against the madness of war and its consequences.

The integral revenue is transferred to two organizations. Big poppies are sold to support Apopo's demining project, while the small poppies are sold to support the Palestinian Circus School.

The small poppies are sold for 15 euro each. They are offered either individually on a stand or on a metal stand with three poppies (in a row or in a triangle)

More information

You want to know more about this project, like to order a poppie or you want to be involved as a volunteer? Get in contact via the website : www.klaprozen.be



Assoir l'espoir

Chairs, artists and circus: those are Asseoir l'espoir's keywords.

The chair project was designed by Anita Huybens, artist and aunt of Jessika Devlieghere. After her visit to Palestine, it became her dream to ensure that children could be children again. She transformed a few old chairs into works of art and sold them to support the circus school. She was able to convince her friends to do the same and soon many more children, artists, housewives and students followed in her footsteps. They all revived old chairs with the necessary creativity.

This success inspired the movement Présence et Action Culturelles (PAC) to rename the project 'Asseoir l'espoir' and promote it in Brussels and the Walloons. They invited artists, organizations, schools, children and adults to use their creativity on old chairs. The revenue was used to buy circus material and a professional circus tent.AC wanted to do more than just raise money, however. Thanks to the book 'Un cirque en Palestine' by Aurelie Dejond and Veronique Vercheval and the documentary 'Un cirque en Terre Seinte' by notélé, the audience had the opportunity to get to know Palestine and the Palestinian Circus School

And now?

The project 'Asseoir l'espoir' has momentarily come to an end, yet PAC keeps supporting the circus school by inviting them to perform in Belgian theaters and by actively engaging themselves in the non-profit Friends of the Palestinian Circus School.
However, this does not mean you should refrain from getting to work with old chairs yourself. Interested? Care for more information or support? Do not hesitate and contact us through contact@friendsofpalcircus.be